Dream Life TV || Season 1 Episode 1

Episode 1: Girl vs. Music

Fifteen-year-old Nathen gets approached by the most popular girl in school. She offers him a proposition he can’t refuse… In season 1, Nathen grapples with homelessness, sexual assault and being held at gunpoint.

In a turn of events, he finds an opportunity to raise over a million dollars on his path to searching for the true experience of success. Starring

Nathen Aaren
Watch Now for Free Show Description: Dream Life TV is a dramatic and inspiring reality show that will challenge your everyday presumptions about what success means and what it takes to get there.

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  • Cheerleader by Nathen Aaren & Ben Casey
  • Stick Or Twist by Lincoln Grounds
  • Hallelujah Chorus by Handel (Arr. Julian Gallant | David Tobin | Jeff Meegan)
  • Waiting Here by Alex Arcoleo AudioNetwork.com
  • Suspense by Ray Davies
  • Deranged by Marc Jackson Burrows
  • Ricky Dangerous by David Tobin Jeff Meegan & John Altman
  • Happy All The Time by Jason Pedder Douglas Brown
  • Sneaker Shock by Lucas Cantor

Reality TV Drama Development A by Smart Sound [Nathen Aaren is sitting on a couch in a large room with a fireplace to the right. Cel animation compliments his story.]

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