1-on-1 Business Consultation: Start Your Dream Business (While You’re Struggling)

1-on-1 Business Consultation: Start Your Dream Business (While You’re Struggling)

If you’re down to be on YouTube, text (310) 807-1998 for a free brainstorming/strategy call! In this video, Nathen strategizes with Marc as he tries to figure out what to do to make money so he can support his daughter, while also striving to build his dream career without putting his family at risk.

Nathen Aaren is a speaker, entrepreneur, online business coach, and dream life seeker. He’s worked with Fortune 500 companies & Grammy Award-winning artists including The Olympics, Adidas, CBS Sports, Lil Wayne & Ray-Ban, and produces two podcasts which charted #1 on all of iTunes.

As an agent, he landed million-dollar investments, which later allowed him to create a film series.

Represented by Violet Brown, who landed record deals for Dr Dre, Ice Cube & Will-i-Am, & mentored by members of Google, he also studied as an intern with American Idol’s judge Simon Cowell & Paul Oakenfold.

Lastly, he sits on the board of multiple non-profits helping the homeless, the coral reefs as well as at-risk youth.


1. TEXT ME: Send me a text to (310) 807-1998 and ask me your questions! I’ll help you brainstorm, send you videos, motivation, and support you any way I can… (I try to answer as many people as I can.
2. FIND & FUND YOUR DREAM BUSINESS: Let me help you discover your passion, and help you get money to pay for 3 years of your personal expenses so you can focus on building your dream business!

Visit www.Nathen.tv to learn more…

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